Deacon MinistryDeacon Frank Hall, Chair
Deacon Fred Smith, Vice Chair
Trustee MinistryTrustee Bessie Streeter, Chair
Trustee Tony Bridges, Vice Chair
Finance MinistryDeacon Kenneth Ferrell, Chair
Sister Delmarie Smith, Vice Chair
Deaconess MinistryDeaconess Betty Baisden
Ananias MinistryReverend Raymond White
Benevolence MinistryReverend Raymond White
Church ClerkTrustee Angela Yarbrough, Chair
Trustee Trina Chaney, Vice Chair
Birthday Month MinistrySister Barbara Polk, Chair
Trustee Stacey Utsey, Vice Chair
Board of Christian EducationReverend Travis Rose, Chair
Sister Kay Thomas, Vice Chair
Brotherhood MinistryReverend Walter Mobley
Caring Cheer MinistryTrustee Shirley Dodd
Community Task Force Reverend Walter Mobley
Computer/Technology MinistryBrother Michael Williams
Courtesy Guild MinistrySister Eutha Crump
Decorations MinistrySister Ann Middlebrooks
Divine Expression Drama MinistrySister Evelyn T. Keener
Dorcas MinistrySister Vickye White
Esther MinistrySister Vickye White
Event CoordinatorTrustee M. Jo Albert
Harris McCord Clothing MinistrySister Gwendolyn Gibson
Health & Wellness MinistryTrustee Trina Chaney
Helping Hands MinistrySister Barbara Polk, Chair
Deaconess Kristy Hughes, Vice Chair
Historical/Archival MinistryTrustee Trina Chaney
Hope LineReverend Eddie Turner
Inspirational Dancers & MimesSister Evelyn T. Keener
Media/Audio Visual MinistryBrother Von Clay, Chair
Trustee Angela Yarborough, Vice Chair
Minister’s SpousesSister Vickye White
Minister’s AllianceReverend Travis Rose
Mother Board MinistryMother Sallie Grier
Music Ministry:
Mass, R.K. Turner Sanctuary, Gospel, Male, Youth Choirs and Praise Team
Sister Deardra Gaines, Chair
Deaconess Kristy Hughes, Vice Chair
Nehemiah MinistryTBA
New Members MinistrySister Ola Parker, Chair
Sister Jackie Poindexter, Vice Chair
Pastors Support MinistryTrustee Shirley Dodd, Chair
Deaconess Deborah Mallory, Vice Chair
Publicity MinistryTrustee M. Jo Albert
R.E.A.C.H. MinistrySister Deardra Gaines, Chair
Sister Tracey Brittingham, Vice Chair
Recovery MinistrySister Jackie Poindextrer
Security MinistryTrustee Reginald Phillips
Social Media MinistryBrother Ali Early, Chair
Sunday School MinistryReverend Walter Mobley, Superintendent
Usher MinistryDeaconess Deborah Mallory, Chair
Brother Ramirez Riley, Vice Chair
Van Ministry Deacon Jeff Gibson, Chair Deaconess Verlinda Brooks, Vice Chair
Wedding MinistryTrustee M. Jo Albert
Women’s MinistrySister Tracey Brittingham, Chair
Sister Pamela Majette, Vice Chair
Youth Inspirational Dancers & MimesSister Ginica Humphrey
Youth MinistryTBA, Chair
Deaconess Deborah Mallory, Vice Chair